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Quests War-Baiak

Existe um total de 37 Quests, sendo que temos 7 Quests Espalhadas no servidor, 15 Quests Especiais com otimas recompensas, 7 Quests Simples, 2 Quests Mounts e Outfits.

Nome Recompernsa
Demon helmet
Demon helmet.
Demon armor
Demon armor.
Magic plate armor
Magic plate armor.
mesmos items do global.
mesmos items do global.

Nome recompensas
Baiak Set Quest
Baiak Armor, Baiak Wand, Baiak Bow, Baiak Sword.
Mega Quest
Mega sword, Mega Rod, Mega Boots, Mega Ring.
Free Set
Medium Free Armor, Medium Free Robe, Medium Free Helmet.
crude umbral crossbow, crude umbral wand, crude umbral axe, crude umbral slayer.
yalahari armor, yalahari leg piece, yalahari mask.
dragon scale legs, magician hat, golden helmet.
War-Baiak Free Quest
War Free Wand, War Free Sword, War Free Club, War Free Axe, War Free Bow.
Mega UH/SD
Mega UH, Mega SD.
squeezing gear of girlpower, whacking driller of fate, sneaky stabber of eliteness.
[NEW] Ring
magical torch speed.
Free Set
Pirate Set, Depth Set.
[Master Baiak Set]
Master Baiak Armor, Master Baiak Helmet, Baiak Master Crossbow, Baiak Master Sword, Master Baiak Wand, Baiak Ring.
[Critical Quest]
10 [Critical Stone].
[Dodge Quest]
10[Dodge Stone].
Magic Longsword
Magic Longsword.
Blessed Shield
Blessed Shield.
[Decoração Golden Falcon]
golden falcon.
Elite Draken Helmet
Elite Draken Helmet.

Mounts e Outfits
Nome recompensas
Mounts 10.90 [NEW]
Mount Doll.
Quest NEW Addons
prata addon, ouro addon, bronze addon.

Nome recompensas
[NEW] Critical/Hp/Mana Rings Quest
Critical Ring, Hp Ring, Mana Ring.
Items War
War Sword, War Axe, War Club, War Wand, War Crossbow.
[Donate Master Free 1]
Donate Master Robe, Donate Master Kilt, Donate Master Armor, Donate Master Legs.
[Donate Master Free 2]
Donate Master Boots, Donate Master Shoes.
[Donate Master Free 3]
Donate Master Book, Donate Master Shield, Donate Master Helmet, Donate Master Mask, War Master Wand, War Master Sword, War Master Axe, War Master Mace, War Master Bow.
Mega UH/SD
Mega UH, Mega SD.
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